Robert Bryce

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Biz Urban |
August 31, 1999

Waste City

Hold your nose and open your wallet: Why the business of garbage is good for Houston.

Politics & Policy |
April 30, 1996

Bombers Away

The B-1 bomber costs too much and does too little—so who wants to keep it alive? The people of Abilene, whose economy could take a direct hit if the Pentagon pulls the trigger.

Reporter |
April 1, 1995

Bad Air Days

Pollution from Mexico is already plaguing West Texas—and it's only going to get worse.

Environment |
March 1, 1991

Road Warriors

Texans used to litter like crazy; now the state’s get-tough-on-trash policy is cleaning up their act.

Environment |
May 31, 1990

One Tough Bird

After rescuing hundreds of birds from horrible deaths, a Midland woman has finally gained an ally in her war on open oil pits.

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