Downtown Llano

Handmade crafts, homey cafes, and cowboy couture make this Hill Country hamlet a browser’s paradise.
Downtown Llano
Sagebrush/Gridiron Gallery
Photograph by Adam Voorhes

1. Berry Street Bakery

Skip the drive-through and head to this quaint clapboard house for the most important meal of the day: a hearty but speedy breakfast of honey-sweetened granola, sausage biscuits, and Walk-Away Omelets (they travel well). Come back later for sandwiches on fresh-baked Bavarian, honey wheat, or sourdough bread, as well as specials like the chicken potpie served between two monstrous puff pastries. Diet-busting treats, like pecan pie bars, flaky turnovers, and decorated cookies and cakes, are hard to resist. 901 Berry, 325-247-1855,

2. The Acme CafÉ on the Square

Ordering a seafood dish miles from the Gulf Coast could be considered a risky endeavor, but it’s no gamble at this cozy lunch spot across from Llano’s historic courthouse. Owner Maurie Kay Beasley’s hand-formed, two-inch-high crab cakes, served with a zesty homemade remoulade, are as tasty as they are unexpected. And no less attention is paid to the more traditional fare: The pot roast is slow-cooked, and the chicken-fried steak is hand-breaded. 109 W. Main, 325-247-4457,

3. Colonel Crow’s Trading Post

Locals boast that Llano is “the way Texas used to be,” and it’s easy to slip back to bygone days at this multivendor shop. Historical reenactors come to stock up on Old West outfits—three-piece gunfighter suits, ladies’ walking skirts, red long johns with the necessary back flap—and replicas of 1800’s weaponry. Tourists can mark their hometowns on a map at the front before picking out souvenirs like handcrafted obsidian knives, Ugly But Good goat’s milk soap, and T-shirts dyed with red Texas dirt. 105 W. Main, 325-248-0949,

4. Ruby Cowgirl

It’s a wonder that the pink front door isn’t encrusted with rhinestones, like so much of the merchandise inside this women’s Western boutique. Owner Knel Magnus, the wife of famous rodeo cowboy Tyler Magnus, knows you can never have too many booty-boosting Big Star jeans or sassy statement tees (“How much

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