48 Hours Mystery aired an updated version of its hour-long “Grave Injustice” episode about Anthony Graves, who was wrongly imprisoned in 1992 for murders he didn’t commit and finally freed eighteen years later on October 27, 2010. 

For the update, 48 Hours Mystery correspondent Richard Schlesinger spoke to Graves, his family, district attorney Charles Sebesta, special prosecutor Kelly Siegler, and St. Thomas University journalism professor and attorney Nicole Casarez and her students. Schlesinger also goes into detail about the legislation Governor Rick Perry signed that gave Graves $1.4 million in compensation for his wrongful imprisonment:

TEXAS MONTHLY executive editor Pamela Colloff, who wrote extensively about Anthony Graves and his case, is featured on the show. See below for all of our previous coverage, including the recent LBJ School Future Forum panel with Graves, Colloff, Casarez, senior editor Michael Hall, and Siegler.