Call it a crash course in Texas. Though Justin Carrasquillo had never been to the state before, over the span of twenty days he drove to every corner of it for this month’s cover story (“Miles and Miles of Texas”). By the time he 
finished, he had shot more than 13,000 images and put 4,847 miles on his car. “Every day I would wake up 
at five, shoot during sunrise, drive, drive, drive, and shoot at sunset,” the Los Angeles–based photographer says. 
“I particularly loved South Padre Island. I thought 
to myself, ‘Whoa! This is Texas?’ ”


Sam Martin

“One of the key challenges 
facing magazines is how to change in the face of uncertainty,” says Sam Martin, 
who was recently hired as 
TEXAS MONTHLY’s director 
of digital strategy. “We all know change is necessary, but what a magazine should become is still evolving. A publication 
must articulate what it stands for and then establish 
those values across multiple platforms.” Martin, who has lived in Texas for much of his life, previously worked 
as director of publishing for Frog, a global design and 
innovation consultancy. He lives in Austin with 
his partner, Celeste, and their three sons.


Joe Nick 

During Joe Nick Patoski’s seventeen years as a TEXAS MONTHLY staff writer 
(1985–2003), he was known 
in-house as the absolute authority on Texas arcana. If you needed to know who invented the Herkie, how 
Big Red got its name, or where the best chat-and-chew was in whatever small town you were headed to, 
Joe Nick had the answer. This month he’s finally back 
in our pages, detailing drives through the  biodiversity of the West Texas desert and the musical heritage of the 
Panhandle. Welcome home, Señor Patoski.