How did you get involved in the Matt Baker case? Did you know him beforehand? I read on your blog that your son was a student of Kari’s.

My son was in Kari’s third-grade class at Spring Valley Elementary. At first, the parents were simply told that Kari died in her sleep. Within a couple days, the suicide rumor started its course. I did not know Matt at all, but I knew of him.

Were you connected to Kari’s family in any way before she died?

I had never met any of Kari’s family before until after I started my personal blog, Don’t Even Get Me Started. Within a week, I got a handful of comments asking who I was. People were glad that someone was speaking out [about Kari].

Kari’s mom [Linda Dulin] emailed me and said, “I read your blog and just bawled like a baby. I am so touched at the love you have shown my daughter. God has blessed me today through you. She comes back to me so sweetly when you share your memories.” For a mother who has lost her child to tell me that my words bring her child to life if even for a moment makes every second worth it.

You must be pretty emotionally invested in this case. Do you find it taking a toll on you or your family?

I am emotionally invested. I feel that Kari’s life was taken from her by someone else, and then that person branded Kari with the stigma of suicide. This tragedy has gripped me from the very beginning. Kari spent as many—or maybe even more—waking hours a day with my son.

I don’t know how anyone can feel that way and sit by and do nothing. We all have different ways of doing something. This is mine.

When did you first start having doubts that Kari committed suicide?

It never did sit right with me. I tried to work it through my head but I had no answers. It was just a matter of a week or two before I knew in my heart why what I had been told earlier didn’t fit. It wasn’t true.

Why launch a Web site? Has this become a resource for the community? Are there any Web sites that defend Matt?

When the judge changed his ruling from suicide to undetermined, and a couple days after the arrest was made, I was relieved that finally this case was getting more scrutiny. I’m an information junkie—TV, newspaper and Internet. People kept asking me for updates, so I started the blog. It was and is looking for justice for Kari. And it will stay that way.

The vast majority [of my readers] support Kari. If Matt has any such Web site or blog, I am not aware of it.

I’ve received some negative comments from people who support Matt, and God bless them. I know no one would fight for someone that they thought was guilty.

I was recently asked why I titled it Don’t Even Get Me Started. As passionately as I feel [about this case], if you don’t have time to hear me out, don’t ask…and don’t even get me started.

What does justice mean to you? What would you consider justice in this case?

Truth and the consequences of that truth, meaning prison, and what little bit of peace that [can bring] to Kari’s family and friends.

Before anything else I am a mom. And I want to see Kari’s daughters grow into healthy young women. That is my prayer.