A troop of Texas Girl Scouts had their mettle tested at a Fort Bend County Walmart Saturday when an unkind soul stole their cashbox.

The man walked up, inquired after the girl’s cookie flavors, before grabbing the cashbox and running to a waiting vehicle, KHOU reported.

Two of the scrappier girls, Rachel Johnson and Iravia Cotton, chased after him. Johnson held onto the moving car’s bumper briefly, and Cotton reached into the black Camry to punch the thief. “Who steals money from Girl Scouts, I mean, really?” Johnson wondered.

The girls, who had been hawking cookies at the Walmart for four hours, estimated there was $200 in the cashbox. (But the troop won’t be hurting for cash: after news of the theft was broadcast on the Dean and Rog Morning Show, donations to the troop started pouring in. One man alone donated $200, the Houston Chronicle reported.)

The scouts did not mince any words when talking to reporters about the theft: “We’re going to find you,” one of the scouts told KHOU’s Nakia Cooper. “And I hope that God does something to you.”

It was unclear if the thief also made off with any cookies. But maybe he was upset by the “Thin Mints” misnomer.

“[T]he robbers escaped with the $200 or so they stole, but at what cost? At the end of the day, they still took something that belonged to the Girl Scouts and got themselves punched in the face in the process, making an army of lifelong enemies and giving at least one Girl Scout a delicious first taste of blood,” Erin Gloria Ryan wrote at Jezebel. Ryan also tweaked the Girl Scout promise for this new era:

On my honor,
I will try
To serve time
if someone steals from or otherwise crosses my sister
To be feared or risk living in fear,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law:
Blood in, blood out.