WHO: Hulu and Amazon Prime; Coach and Tami Taylor, Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, Tyra Collette, Vince Howard, and the rest of the citizens of Dillon, Texas.

WHAT: The return of Friday Night Lights to streaming services.

WHY WE CARE: We at Texas Monthly make no secret of our enthusiasm for Friday Night Lights, even seven years after the show’s end. It was as close to perfect as network television dramas ever get—funny, surprising, full of captivating characters in challenging situations. It had a solid emotional core and enough grey-shaded moral ambiguity that watching our heroes learn, eventually, to do the right thing (buoyed by the power of football!) was an ongoing delight to watch. And re-watch. And re-watch again, this time with friends.

But last fall, tragedy struck those of us who enjoy visiting our fictional friends in Dillon, but who can’t be bothered to do anything as basic as invest in DVD copies of the series: Netflix, which had hosted all five seasons of FNL for years (even the woeful second one) rotated its lineup, and Friday Night Lights was a casualty. So those whow anted to cheer on the Panthers (or the Lions) would either have to resort to physical media or pay $2.99 per episode.

Now, though, or not-all-that-long national nightmare is over. As of Friday, Hulu and Amazon Prime both have the entire run of Friday Night Lights available for streaming. If you were one of the readers who followed along with Texas Monthly writers Doyin Oyeniyi, Emily McCullar, Christian Wallace, and myself as we ventured into Dillon to confirm that the show was so much more than just a “pigskin Degrassi“—only to have your viewing stopped short when Netflix pulled the plug—rejoice! You can finally watch season two (we’d recommend having that season on in the background while you do some chores), and then thrill to the series’s stunning renaissance in seasons three through five, as the cast of characters expands and gridiron heroes like Matt Saracen and Smash Williams graduate and newcomers like Michael B. Jordan’s Vince Howard and Jurnee Smollett’s Jess Merriweather come to town.

Texas forever, Six.