Houston hip-hop star Bun B showed us that you could be a rap musician and a distinguished guest lecturer at Rice. Now Texas A&M sociology professor Reuben May has flipped that script. 

May, who is also a former W.E.B. Dubois Fellow at Harvard University and visiting professor at MIT, writes and records rap music under the name Reginald S. Stuckey, Sam Neal reported in the Battalion.

“May draws from personal experiences for inspiration in his music, but tells his life stories in a unique way. His lyrics may seem like standard rap prose, but they communicate stories about challenging decisions or difficult periods in his life,” Neal wrote.

May delves into his academic life in song: “In my song ‘State of Panic,’ it sounds like I’m talking about two different women who desire my affection,” May told Neal. “But it’s really about two competing universities who wanted to hire me.”

The gulf between May’s academics and Stuckey’s music isn’t really all that large. May has penned two books about African American culture (Talking at Trena’s: Everyday Conversation at an African American Tavern and Living Through the Hoop: High School Basketball, Race, and the American Dream), and hip-hop is by definition that.

Stuckey has also been known to perform for fun on campus, as this tweet suggests:

Neal also wrote that May’s doctoral degree from the University of Chicago “may put him in the running for the most educated rapper of all time,” although it’s possible that Dr. Dre would take exception to that statement. 

Below, watch Reginald S. Stuckey’s latest video, “Clueless.”