– Houston BBQ joint owner involved in high speed chase:


– J C Reid makes the case for Houston as a hotbed for barbecue “startups” with Pappas Charlie’s as a shining example.

Houston Food Finder searched the city for spots that are making their own sausage, and have provided a helpful guide.

– Waller County Line settled in a lawsuit brought against them by County Line Barbecue for copyright infringement.

– BBQ and sushi fusion in Spring, Texas:


– BBQ Recon stopped in at Hays Co. BBQ in San Marcos, and came away impressed.

– Hays County Bar-B-Que in San Marcos is adding a second location in nearby Martindale.

– Just how much barbecue do they smoke at Franklin Barbecue? Taste has a Franklin-centric infographic to answer that.

– Eater Austin looks in on Kemuri Tatsu-ya, the new izakaya restaurant serving Texas barbecue.

– When the brisket isn’t even fit for a dog:


– The Dallas Observer talked with Brandon Andreason about the historic Rudolph’s Meat Market in Dallas and their 90-year-old butcher block.

– The Fort Worth Star-Telegram praises the new 407 BBQ in Corral City.

– There’s a new barbecue joint coming to Argyle:


– Michael Twitty documented a historic reenactment of pork processing as it was done a century ago when “hog killing time” came around.

Harper’s Country Hams has been smoking legendary hams in Western Kentucky since 1952. After a fire last week, it’s a total loss.

Pit Commander BBQ hails from Texas, but they’re making waves as the newest barbecue joint in Naples, Florida.

– They love us in Norway:


– According to the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, the American beef industry loses $400,000 per day to its Australian competitors because the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal was shot down.

Iberico hogs imported from Spain are now being raised on hog farms in Georgia and Texas, but the meat will cost you.

– “In Houston, 2017 will be known henceforth as the Year of the Steer.” – Pat Sharpe:


Elliott Moss of Buxton Hall, a barbecue restaurant in Asheville, North Caorlina, has been nominated as one of the best chefs in the Southeast by the James Beard Foundation.

– Brand new Kansas City Royal, Jason Hammel, tells reporters of his love of barbecue and about his trip to Joe’s Kansas City BBQ.

– On a sad note, Arthur Norman Bewley, a pioneer of barbecue pit design, passed away in Dallas on Wednesday. Here’s an interview with him from 2013.

– California is getting a Texas BBQ import: