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BBQ News: 02/14 – 02/20

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– An ad was posted on Craigslist offering $15/hr to someone willing to wait in line at Franklin Barbecue during SXSW.

– The 2014 James Beard award nominees were announced yesterday. Daniel Delaney of Delaney Barbecue in Brooklyn was nominated for Rising Star Chef of the Year, and Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q was nominated for Outstanding Restaurateur.

– The colorful language of meat carving in 1673.

– A blast from the past BBQ joint opening announcement:


– Tickets are on sale for the second annual Houston BBQ Festival that will be held on April 6th. Get tickets here

– The Foodways Texas annual Symposium will be held in College Station this year on March 20-22. The theme is “Farm To Market 2014.” 

Bacon & Beer Festival is coming to Austin on 2/22. 

Afroculinaria explores the impact of enslaved African Americans on the history of Texas Foodways. 

– A barbecue haiku:


– Beef prices are climbing. How will barbecue joints react? The Dallas version

– Beef prices are climbing. How will barbecue joints react? Another Dallas version.

– Beef prices are climbing. How will barbecue joints react? The Fort Worth version

– Beef prices are climbing. How will barbecue joints react? The Houston version.

– The barbecue lines are getting long in Houston. Here’s one from Corkscrew BBQ in the Woodlands:


– Here’s another big line at Killen’s BBQ in Pearland:


– Our list of barbecue sandwiches in Texas made the Tyler news.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks hunting, relaxing, and barbecue.

– The Smoking Ho has a satisfying visit to Stiles Switch in Austin.

– FOX in Austin profiles Black’s BBQ in Lockhart and La Barbecue in Austin. In the process they show they’re a few years behind on picking up on the food truck trend:


– The Brisket King of New York was crowned last week. 

– Structural trouble further delays the New York location of the Pride & Joy barbecue restaurant. 

Meathead has some tips on using your dampers and exhausts to control the temperature of your smoker. 

– OU football star Billy Sims has built a barbecue franchise of forty locations, including one in Texarkana. 

– The finish out at Pecan Lodge’s new location is coming along:


– Eater Houston jumped the gun on the Killen’s opening. It didn’t happen last weekend, but they’re close.

– Lockhart Smokehouse opened their long awaited Plano location last week. Here’s a first look.

B&D Icehouse will open in San Antonio soon, and it will feature barbecue. Jason Dady, the owner of Two Bros. BBQ Market, will be responsible for the barbecue, so expect it to be good.

– Sadly for those in North Carolina, this is what the brisket looks like in their barbecue joints:


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