The Austin American-Statesman’s new barbecue list has a familiar name at the top, but the next two might be a surprise.

Eater has a new list of the 38 best restaurants in Texas, and you better believe that Texas barbecue is well represented.

Eater also asked why Tex-Mex doesn’t get the same buzz as Texas BBQ:


The Houston Chronicle examines the choices in wood fuel that will need to be made if you open up your own barbecue joint.

We won a major award! The 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ issue snagged the Ellie for “Leisure Interests” at this week’s National Magazine Awards.

The finalists for the James Beard awards were announced. Semifinalist Tootsie Tomanetz did not make it into the next round. Of the three pitmaster semifinalists, only Rodney Scott of Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston became a finalist.

A New York food writer gets a little carried away with the BBQ at Buc-ee’s:


Kevin Pang talked with KCRW about his recent article on barbecue on the South Side of Chicago.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has released its new list of the best barbecue in Philadelphia.

Esquire assembled a solid list of Austin BBQ establishments:


An old story about Brooklyn BBQ raised the hackles of barbecue fans around the country.

Sean Ludwig took to his NYC BBQ blog to defend the quality of the barbecue in Brooklyn with some barbecue platter photos.

“I do eat barbecue every time I’m in New York.”Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller Barbecue defending Brooklyn BBQ.

Even the Houston Chronicle went to bat for the underappreciated pitmasters in Brooklyn.

The Austin mayor promises to defend against Brooklyn BBQ:


Smoke, Sounds, and Suds started up yesterday at Stiles Switch in Austin, but there are still three more days of beer, barbecue, and free live music.

Cookbook author Jess Pryles talked to Food & Wine about how she became a professional carnivore.

Rick Bayless’s cooking career began at an Oklahoma City BBQ joint:



Kim Bexley of Snow’s BBQ chatted with Barbecue Wife:


Israel “Pody” Campos, owner of Pody’s BBQ in Pecos, was voted in as the new County Commissioner in Reeves County.

It’s not easy to staff the massive JBS beef plant in Cactus, Texas, and ICE raids have made it more difficult.

The beefiest snow creature ever: