Texas Governor Greg Abbott bet Texas beer and barbecue against the California wines of Governor Jerry Brown on the World Series. The series is currently tied 1-1.

Southern Smoke did a lot of good for the people of Houston last weekend:

Whole hog in Texas? The news release about the new Feges BBQ, which is coming to Houston, said they’ll serve Texas barbecue standards, seasonal sides, and the occasional whole hog.

“If you pay $250, write a 300-word essay about job creation and submit an original recipe for a half rack of ribs, then a two-story commercial building in downtown Corpus—plus its property tax liabilities—could be yours.” The Texas Tribune reporting on an odd political fundraiser.

When the grill is a gyroscope too:


Riscky’s Barbeque in Fort Worth is celebrating 90 years in business with 90 cent chopped brisket sandwiches.

The Kosher BBQ Competition is coming to Dallas this Sunday, starting at 10 a.m..

Misty David of Cattleack Barbecue was interviewed by the Barbecue Wife. Misty admits she’s not a good cook, enjoys a spot called Cadillac Pizza, and loves Prince.

A couple of Texas’s best pitmasters:

Franklin Barbecue’s reconstruction is underway, and they shared an image of the rebuild.

A fake and malicious Craigslist ad characterized Elgin barbecue joint owners as KKK supporters.

The Texas Restaurant Association is upset with the Texas Department of Agriculture’s interpretation of the recent barbecue bill. The TDA says scales used for weighing to-go orders are not exempt from regulation.

…and TDA Commissioner Sid Miller defended his position with Bible verses:


Hometown Bar-B-Que in Brooklyn has been recognized by the Michelin guide for NYC in the bib gourmand category.

“I would give somebody a thousand dollars if they could tell me the truth about how [Big Bob Gibson] started that.” – Don McLemore of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q on the origin of their famous white barbecue sauce.

It’s that simple, the Texanist says: