TM BBQ Club “Pit Perks” are exclusive perks and discounts that Texas Monthly’s network of barbecue joints generously offer to members like you each month. Proof of membership is required to redeem.
  • Brisket U | Get $10 off any Brisket U Class with code TXMNEWS23*
  • Interstellar BBQ | Specials on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays; See calendar for daily specials.
  • Juan and Allie’s BBQ | 10% discount during the month of July*; Location: 114 Tx Spur 511 Sunset Tx 76270
  • Tejas Chocolate & BBQ | 10% off Tejas Pork & Poultry Rub, Tejas Brisket Rub, and Tejas Original Barbecue Sauce*
  • Smokey Joe’s BBQ | Offering a BBQ class July 23, 2023; Time: 5p.m-8p.m; TM BBQ Club members will receive 20% off the class. They will also receive a $25 dollar gift card to the store as well as a Smokey Joes BBQ Hat.* Interested in sharpening your BBQ skills? Book your class!
  • 1701 Barbecue Between now and August 1st, 1701 Barbecue is accepting donations of school supplies. You can simply drop off your contributions when you visit the restaurant for lunch. Items such as pencils, paper, hand sanitizers, and tissues are all welcome.
For the full calendar view, check out the live Pit Perks Calendar.

*Proof of membership is required to claim TM BBQ Club “Pit Perks.” TM BBQ Club members must show their physical membership card, proof of membership to the TM BBQ Club Facebook group, or the TM BBQ Club badge in the BBQ Finder app.