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FBI Raids State Senator’s Law Office

Carlos Uresti linked to fraud investigation of defunct company.

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Carlos Uresti
Photo by Bob Daemmrich

If things come in threes, the FBI raid on state Senator Carlos Uresti’s San Antonio law office might make our suite of allegations of possible crimes involving state officials. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was in court Thursday, fighting securities fraud charges against him. And Democratic state Representative Dawnna Dukes of Austin is facing two misdemeanor charges and thirteen counts of felony corruption.

We don’t yet have many details about the FBI raid on Uresti’s office, but it’s reportedly related to work the San Antonio Democrat did for a defunct oil field services company, according to the San Antonio Express-News:

About 10 months after a legal team including state Sen. Carlos Uresti secured a substantial settlement for Denise Cantu in a wrongful-death lawsuit, she invested $900,000 — the bulk of the proceeds — with a San Antonio frac-sand company that was paying the senator commissions for attracting investors.

Uresti helped represent the Harlingen woman in the case after the rear tire on her Ford Explorer blew out, causing the SUV to veer into a grassy median, roll over and kill her 13-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son and two friends in August 2010.

Now, most of Cantu’s money is gone, along with at least $5 million the frac-sand company, FourWinds Logistics, raised from three other investors, a filing in federal bankruptcy court here shows. Total claims against the company exceed $14 million, another document states.

Several of the company’s executives already have been indicted on fraud charges. The Express-News reported the FBI raid on Uresti’s office is in connection to the investigation.

“Today, FBI agents are in my office, reviewing our documents as part of their broad investigation of the FourWinds matter,” Uresti said in a prepared statement. “I have instructed my staff to fully cooperate with the federal investigators. I will help them in whatever way I can.”

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  • John Bernard Books

    Damn I never expected this! TM reporting a democrat is a crook?….
    Actually Sen Uresti is doing what dems accused Gen Paxton of doing, ‘cept Gen Paxton wasn’t and Sen Uresti was……who will be the first stupid to call me a racist?

    • roadgeek

      And actually labeling Uresti as a Democrat. Astonishing. Actual journalism.

      • Joeytjones

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    • R.G. Ratcliffe

      I actually have a long history of calling out Democrats AND Republicans. It’s just you have to have power to abuse it. Although, this isn’t my version of the story, it is about my story: http://www.nytimes.com/1994/02/04/us/lost-phone-logs-roil-texas-politics.html

      • John Bernard Books

        I agree RG, but this could be a first for liberal leaning TM.
        I see you tried to add balance by having 2 dems and one repub, but you left out my fav my very own Tx rep Reynolds with at least 10 felony convictions.
        Good to have you reporting for TM.

        • R.G. Ratcliffe

          That was just an oversight on my part Not a conspiracy.

    • John Johnson

      Paxton is guilty, JBB. If not of a major crime, then ignorance unbefitting a Texas Attorney General. Dunn’s money is making this a tough deal to judiciate, and the poor dumplings in Collin County who are paying for his defense are getting hosed. It’s just not right. You do what Paxton did…if I did…if the average Texan did…you have pleaded out and are in jail. You are broke and starting over. This is not the case if you are a bigtime’er and your conviction would embarrsss the TP’ers whose votes and money elected you.

  • John Bernard Books

    From a former Special Asst. in the Justice Department, “In the past decade, the FBI has recorded 369 conviction of political corruption from Rio Grande Valley to Laredo, 95% of them involving Hispanic Democrats. Perhaps it’s time to move the focus of federal investigations to San Antonio and Bexar County.”

  • John Bernard Books