Is it possible that Susan Combs, having already announced that she will retire from public life after serving out her term as comptroller, is still trying to find a niche for herself in the 2014 primaries?

Here’s an article she sent to her mailing list, which was forwarded to me by a Republican consultant:

If knowledge is power, the relationship between our federal government and its citizens grows ever more lopsided. The government has our phone data, our tax returns, and even knows our Internet history…yet we still haven’t the foggiest notion what happened at the IRS, DOJ, EPA, or at the American consulate in Benghazi.

It’s not just one rogue branch of the federal government. Government agencies, more and more, seem to think that you don’t have a right to know what they’re doing with your tax dollars, or how they are regulating your freedoms.

We’ve made so much progress on transparency in Texas when it comes to our state’s financial situation. But we need to bring that transparency to every branch of government across the country.

Check out the op-ed I wrote last week on this topic, and forward it to your friends. Now is the moment for us as a nation to stand up and demand transparency from our elected officials.

This sure doesn’t read like a departing message from a disgraced public official. It reads like something written by a candidate for future office. Is this an indication that there is an announcement of candidacy in Combs’ future? I can’t think of any reason why the comptroller of Texas would feel compelled to write about Benghazi when she ought to be reading the resumes of people who might be capable of doing an accurate revenue estimate.