I received this e-mail from a lobbyist whom I have known for many years: Just got a robocall from “Texans for Kay” (was “Private Caller” on caller ID) with a clip from the Glenn Beck show about Perry is someone who says and does good things during an election but as soon as the election is over he goes back to being a moderate, “progressive” Republican. Amazing that Hutchison is still trying to persuade Republican primary voters that she is more conservative than Perry. Perry has leveled a lot of unfair accusations at Hutchison, so I suppose he deserves to get some of his own medicine, but the fact is that Perry raised taxes only after the Texas Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to reduce its reliance on school property taxes to fund public education. Perry then passed a significant (though overrated) property tax cut and passed the business margins tax to offset some of the lost revenue. He did the right thing. What would Hutchison have done? Well, when asked for specifics about how she would pay for new highways, her answer was that she would audit TxDOT and establish a select committee to look at solutions to TxDOT’s funding crisis. These kinds of risk-averse responses have undercut her stature as a leader.