This was today’s daily blast from Joe Pounder of the Hutchison campaign: “When we should be focused on creating jobs and keeping our state’s economy strong, Rick Perry is openly promising higher gas taxes. That’s less money in Texans’ pockets and more money for TxDOT to waste on Perry pet projects that lead to millions spent on environmental studies for roads that are never built.” It has taken Rick Perry eight years to recognize that we need to raise the gasoline tax, and now that he has finally done the right thing, all Hutchison can do is criticize him without offering any solution to the state’s transportation problems. What is her proposal? How does she plan to pay for the roads we need? If not a gasoline tax, if not toll roads, if not a local option tax, then what? It is irresponsible to oppose an increase in the gasoline tax. Perry deserves a lot of credit for talking about it in the middle of a campaign. Better late than never.