The latest twist on the Big Twelve realignment is that Oklahoma and Texas A&M might depart for the SEC. This from an Aggieland source. UT doesn’t have to worry about finding a place to land, but it has never been interested in the SEC, mainly for academic reasons. Only two SEC teams are members of the prestigious American Association of Universities (Florida and Vanderbilt), though other SEC schools are said to be in line (Georgia, for one). The UT academic hierarchy prefers the PAC-10, but UT does not want to be stranded without its two longtime rivals. Most readers know by now about the ultimatum the Big Twelve gave to Missouri and Nebraska at recent meetings, setting a deadline for whether the two schools that are reportedly being courted by the Big Ten will commit to staying in the Big Twelve. The ultimatum is somewhat silly since Missouri and Nebraska are the schools that hold all the cards; it’s a little like saying, “Either make up your mind or kill us.”