I’ve been so wrapped up in the elections that I have neglected to post SurveyUSA’s monthly tracking poll of the approval ratings of U.S. senators. John Cornyn is one of twelve senators whose disapproval rating (43%) is higher than his approval rating (40%). The benchmarks represent Cornyn’s highest disapproval rating since June and lowest approval rating since February. Talk continues to circulate that Cornyn will face strong Democratic opposition in 2008, with speculation centering on Houston mayor Bill White. The risk, for any Democratic challenger, is that 2008 is a presidential election year and the Democratic nominee might be Hillary Clinton. Or John Kerry. Or Al Gore. I don’t think LBJ is eligible, and anybody else can’t be good for Democrats.

Kay Bailey Hutchison continues to post great numbers: 60% approval, 31% disapproval, in the top 30% of senators.