SurveyUSA tracks approval ratings for the president, all one hundred senators, and all fifty governors every thirty days. I posted earlier this month that President Bush’s approval rating in Texas was 50%. I failed to mention that his disapproval rate was 47%.

Here’s how our senators fared:
Hutchison: 60% approve, 32% disapprove
Cornyn: 47% approve, 37% disapprove

And Governor Perry:
44% approve, 51% disappove

Neither senator’s ratings changed much in the last month. Hutchison was 60/32 in August, Cornyn 47/39. Perry’s numbers represent a small improvement over SurveyUSA’s August tracking poll (43/52).

Perry is one of thirteen governors whose job performance is regarded negatively by a majority of those polled. Other well known governors whose ratings are in the red include California’s Schwartzenegger (44/53), Louisiana’s Blanco (40/56), Massachusetts’ Romney (44/52), Ohio’s Taft (19/77), and New York’s Pataki (45/50). All except Blanco are Republicans.