A few minutes ago (around 4 p.m.), I received a call from Allison Castle, a spokesperson for Governor Perry. She wished to make several points about my writing on the subject of the ERS health insurance contract. Her main point is that the governor has only one appointment on the ERS board. Speaker Straus and Chief Justice Jefferson also have appointments. The other three members are elected by members of ERS. Ms. Castle also said that Governor Perry had “no prior knowledge” of the award of the contract to UnitedHealthcare. She asked that I call the governor’s office for comment in the future. She further objected to my characterization, in a comment that I posted, that the award of the contract to the governor’s former chief of staff was an example of “crony capitalism.” These are the relevant parts of the conversation. I appreciate her call — really — and I will continue to monitor developments in the battle over the contract.