Putting on my best faux-reporter voice, I called Rep. Solomons to find out why he would be so crazy as to run for Speaker. I wanted to give him the opportunity that we gave to the other 140 candidates to send along an Official Declaration of Intent. Solomons noted that the statements we compiled pretty much sound the same, and he basically agrees with all of them. Well he’s right about that. Each candidate thinks he or she would make the best Speaker. Not one of them said, you know, “I have no idea why I’m running, don’t look at me, I’m hideous,” which would have made for a much more interesting race. Here’s what Solomons did have to say, according to my notes, which are scribbled on my hand. He says it’s all about management and governing style, and that he and Craddick have very different perspectives on that. He said that the House needs to change the process and the way they get results. He said he’s not trying to pull the rug out from anybody, but he thinks that it’s time for another Republican to govern. Looks like some other members are thinking the very same thing.