A new Zogby telephone poll shows Obama moving within 3 points of Clinton:

Clinton 28%
Obama 25%
Edwards 21%

My impression is that Hillary has hit some bumps lately, but you never know whether this is just the media talking to each other or whether some of the chatter has actually embedded itself in the public’s mind. The poll seems credible to me, though, which is more than I could say for some of Zogby’s polls in the past. I mentioned that this is a telephone poll because some of Zogby’s polling includes Internet contacts of people who have signed up to be polled and indicated their party preference. Such polls are worthless. What gives this one some credence is that it could be a reflection of her propensity to vacillate, which the media have started to focus on. I have always believed that Hillary’s capture of the Democratic nomination was a done deal, but if, as conventional wisdom has it, this is a “change” election, you have to wonder, Does Hillary really represent a departure from the past, or does she just represent an extension of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton years?