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April 1, 1976

Gassing Game

Something you can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or touch could turn you a tidy profit—if you play your cards right.

September 30, 1975

Opsie Daisy

On Wall Street, as in football, the option play isnít the big gainer it used to be.

August 31, 1975

All Systems Stop

It used to be pretty hard to make money on the stock market but at least there were some things you could count on.

March 31, 1975

Sold Arabian

The Alamo was only the first step in the Arabs’ attempted takeover of what’s sacred to us Texans. The Customer’s Man

December 1, 1973

The Gold Bugs

When inflation hits the international scene the gnomes of Zurich and the goldbugs start racing for the ingots. But how smart an investment is gold these days?

February 1, 1973

Air Today, Gone Tomorrow

THEY DID IT TO ME again.Yesterday I bought my number one customer 500 shares of Continental Airlines at 231/4. The Dow-Jones was crossing 1,000, the airlines were strong and it looked like a good trade. Today the New York Stock Exchange delayed the opening of Continental Airlines due to an

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