You don’t have to be a posh Londoner to try the latest ice cream craze. The Icecreamists shop in the U.K. may be selling their infamous “Baby Gaga” flavor, made with breast milk, vanilla, and lemon zest, but D Cup, a hip new spot here in ATX, is pumping out more than a handful of tasty breast milk ice cream flavors. Oh, and cupcakes. “Breast milk?” you pooh-pooh. “That sounds disgusting.” The town has already cleaved into two groups, those who support sales and those who want the restaurant to sag to its knees before disappearing completely. (One enthusiastic woman in the former camp told me, “I started donating milk to lose weight, but their ice cream is so delicious that I’ve gained ten pounds!”) But rather than nurse either faction’s stance, I thought I’d stay abreast of the situation and check out the goods myself. I was extremely fondled of the decadently chunky Peanut Bust-er, although the texture was a bit on the pastie side, and it’s hard to beat the slightly tangy Sweet Cream. Don’t miss the fruit flavors either; the Apple-Melon was titillating, and the nice pear flavor in the Fruit Cocktail was toothsome. Try yours topless or with an enhancement from their mounds of toppings. If you’re in the mood for solid food, D Cup has also got you covered, with their foray into the (waning) cupcake trend. The favorite around the office was the Sweet Bigguns, a slightly sassy sweet potato cupcake topped with the ice cream of your choice, but I was impressed by the Dolly Parton, two strawberry cupcakes stacked with sweet cream ice cream and a maraschino cherry teetering on top. I also liked the Madonna, a heaping chocolate sundae stacked with two pointy sugar cones. The only mixture that fell flat was the attempt at a savory cupcake, a chocolate-chili cake stuffed with chicken breast mole. Maybe next time, D Cup—I have a headache tonight. Whatever D Cup is doing to milk business must be working, because they have a line stretching out the door most days. “It’s a lot of fun,” says co-owner Bob Ray “B.R.” East. “I love running this place with my best bra.” I can’t think of a better business for two bosom buddies. 321 Mammary Lane. Open Sun–Mon 11–11. Posted by Megan Giller