Austin chefs Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher have a special love for Goan cuisine. The tiny former colony of Portugal on India’s west coast is the inspiration behind their latest restaurant, the improbably named Vixen’s Wedding. Today, the husband-and-wife duo team behind dreamy Lenoir are throwing open the doors to a high-ceilinged venue in the new Arrive East Austin Hotel that will showcase their imaginative take on Goan cuisine. “I worked at Tabla in New York with chef Floyd Cardoz, whose family was from Goa,” says Duplechan. “And I became fascinated with the food. The two cultures have blended over the centuries—I think of it as a great mashup of the Iberian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent.” In crafting the menu, he did not want to replicate what’s already available in Austin. Duplechan says: “Indian cuisine can be rich, with lots of sauces and stews. But I find that Goan cuisine has a nice variety of separate meat and fowl and shellfish; the spices are pungent and wonderful. I thought the Texas palate would really get it.” (Editor’s Note: This introduction was changed after publication.)