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9 Great Tacos in the Rio Grande Valley


Puffy Tacos

Hector Sanchez

A visit to Caro’s, located well beyond the Valley’s major cities, is more than a taco road trip. It is a culinary quest. You don’t come here for the old-school filling of seasoned ground beef, lettuce, and chunks of ripe tomato. You come for the distinctive puffy taco shells that hold the filling. (For the uninitiated, these shells are made by deep frying raw corn tortillas until they inflate with steam like little balloons, a wondrous thing to behold. Only a few places in Texas, primarily in San Antonio, still go to the trouble of making them.) Biting into one will make you think of Pop Rocks, an experience that has kept Caro’s on the map since 1937. 

607 W, 2nd street, Rio Grande City (956-487-2255). Open 7 days 11-9.

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