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The Jacket Exhibit 393

Worn by John F. Kennedy. Cut off his body in the emergency room at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The Shirt Exhibit 394

Worn by Kennedy. Note the bullet hole under the collar—the entry point of the second, or “magic,” bullet.

The Magic Bullet Exhibit 399

Rolled off John Connally’s stretcher at Parkland. Later determined to have been fired by Oswald’s rifle. Said to be magic because it entered Kennedy’s back and exited his throat, then entered Connally’s shoulder, exited his chest, entered and exited his wrist, and punctured his thigh and remained relatively undamaged.

The Button Exhibit 602

From the uniform of Dallas policeman J. D. Tippit, who was shot and killed by Oswald 45 minutes after Kennedy was assassinated.

The Bullet Exhibit 602

One of four removed from Tippit’s body during the autopsy.

The Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle Exhibit 139

Fired the bullets that killed Kennedy. Made in Italy in 1940. Mail-ordered by Oswald, using the name A. Hidell, from a sporting goods store in Chicago. Purchase price: $12.78.

The Bullet Fragments Exhibit 843

Removed from Kennedy’s skull during the autopsy.

The Smith and Wesson .38 Special Revolver Exhibit 143

Found on Oswald when he was arrested at the Texas Theater. Mail-ordered by Oswald, using the name A. J. Hidell, from a Los Angeles company. Purchase price: $29.95.

The T-Shirt

Worn by Oswald when Jack Ruby shot him in the basement of the Dallas Police Department’s headquarters.

The Cuera-2 Camera Exhibit 136

Brought back from Russia by Oswald in 1962.

The Bag Exhibit 126

Taken by Oswald on a September 1963 trip to Mexico City, where he visited the Cuban consulate and the Russian embassy.