It’s official: TM BBQ Fest will return November 2–3, 2024. After a successful second year in the barbecue capital of Texas in 2023, Texas Monthly is thrilled to return to Lockhart for the fifteenth annual event.

Thanks to Jim Beam for sponsoring our 2023 recap video. Videography by Resolute Media.

We’re excited to be celebrating fifteen years of TM BBQ Fest in November, so get ready to take your meat sweats to the next level. Guests can expect another two-day celebration of smoked meat with music, live fire, and good times to be had throughout the entire weekend. Last year we were fortunate to partner with a number of local business owners and tastemakers who helped make the weekend a success. Thanks to the City of Lockhart for its continued partnership and for helping make Lockhart a home for TM BBQ Fest over the past two years.

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