Don’t let the thumping house music and dramatic cocktails poured behind a bar backlit by neon pink lights put you off; the food at Amrina is soulful and  outshines an environment clearly designed for Instagram. For starters, the chaat with chutney-dressed chickpeas and spicy Lebanese fried potatoes, called batata harra, was unlike any version of the hors d’oeuvre served in India. The mound was overlaid with crisp, lightly dressed lacinato kale and surrounded by columns of aloo tikki–flavored mousse. Another delight was the Rara lamb chops, a lamb-on-lamb spectacle with juicy, bone-in Australian chops propped up by a lamb mince seasoned with garam masala and encircled with buttons of electric green mint chutney. The aptly named “mango and Tajín bliss” again showcased chef Jassi Bindra’s ability to stack the same ingredient to much success. A sponge cake with mango Bavarian cream filling came overlaid with a mango hard shell, decorated with mango popping jellies, sprinkled with salty-citrusy Tajín, and crowned with a white chocolate-covered macaron.