2010: It was plenty busy on a Saturday at lunch time, but I was taking my order to go. They allow you to order by the quarter pound, so I went for a pork spare rib, a beef rib, and some brisket slices. The knife man clued me in that they smoke with mesquite. My first bite of beef rib tasted like acrid meat. The fat had soaked up too much of the bitter flavor from the mesquite wood and had tainted the flavor of the fatty parts of the rib. The top of the rib, however, had a good smoky flavor and a nice punch of saltiness from the rub. The salty rub was also present on the fatty brisket slices—the meat was falling apart tender and plenty moist but overcooked. The decimated pork ribs were also overcooked, and they couldn’t even hold their shape. There was just too much fat to wade through to enjoy these ribs.