From the owners of upscale Italian favorite L’Oca D’Oro comes a follow-up restaurant that’s more casual but no less spirited. Located in an industrial East Austin complex next to a pickleball club, climbing gym, and Austin Eastciders’ cidery, Bambino is a laid-back pizza joint that fits right in with its neighbors. Much of the design—from the bubble-letter branding to the red plastic cups and tile flooring—is a nostalgia bomb for Gen Xers and millennials who pine for the Pizza Huts of yore and are likely to patronize the aforementioned businesses. At the counter, we ordered a selection of dishes and drinks that were brought to our outdoor table, but you can sidle up to the gorgeous curved, burgundy-tile bar and order a bittersweet frozen blood orange negroni. We enjoyed the mozzarella sticks with a side of ranch—the cheese-pull was very impressive—as well as a couple of the pizzas. The Joe Mars (aka “The Tracksuit”) is most similar to classic pepperoni pizza, but with basil and untraditional dollops of lemony ricotta. It was tasty but no match for the star of our meal, the Coppa Cabana, a wholly unique creation with toppings of crispy coppa, oregano leaves, and drizzles of orange marmalade. (The sweet jam mixed with the savory cured meat is the combination we never knew we needed.) We didn’t love our salad, with smashed cukes and ceci, as it was a little too wet and had too many flavors battling for attention. But we finished strong with what’s sure to be a summer favorite: the frozen affogato. Its base of vanilla soft serve (practically a requirement at hip new restaurants in Austin) is covered in coffee granita and drips of espresso caramel. With so many pizzas to try, it’s worth coming back, even though it’s more expensive than our typical pizza night.