Fans of the now extinct Brick Oven will want to head for this diminutive space in the 26 Doors retail complex, where the owners of that longtime pizza joint have relocated Baretto, their casual northwest Austin bistro. A good fit for the neighborhood, it occupies the space formerly home to Teo Gelato and boasts a nice patio with an outside fireplace, which makes for a cozy spot for a glass of wine and a plate of pinky-size fried calamari rings doused in classic marinara. The grilled medallions of pork tenderloin, plated on a bed of lemony salad greens, were well executed, and although the staff seemed harried and off-kilter, we’re confident that will work itself out, as the veteran owners know something about pleasing customers. The concise menu is refreshing for its simplicity, and to bring things full circle, there is Teo’s gelato for dessert