2009: This local chain is known for two things, and they can both be found in a meat market. Hot pants and crop tops hugged tightly to the friendly jail-bait staff, but we had Mrs. Smokemasterone in attendance to keep us in line. She even let Mr. Smokemasterone enjoy a supervised photo-op with our waitress. In addition to huge chilled mugs of Shiner Bock, my plate also contained some shiners. That’s the term for ribs that are so wanting for meat, you can see the top of the bone shining through. Although they lacked a generous amount of meat, they did have a good amount of flavor. Unfortunately, the flavor came mainly from being finished on the grill while being basted with the sweet sauce rather than getting flavor from the smoker. In fact, we couldn’t locate a smoker anywhere on site. But then, we may have just been blinded by all the neon. The rest of the meats were average with the slightly tough brisket containing a hint of smoke below a decent crust and meager smoke line. The sausage was just above grocery store grade with flecks of red pepper. The turkey was tender and juicy, but that’s not hard to do when you start with deli turkey.