From 1949 to 2015,  Johnny Cace’s Seafood and Steak House set the standard for fine dining in this East Texas city.  Chelsea Case, the late Johnny’s granddaughter, has taken his time-honored  recipes and created her own more-streamlined  version of his culinary vision. We enjoyed seeing the original location again and were wowed by the offerings we tried. We mixed it up, sharing the cold avocado and shrimp salad (graced with local tomatoes and house-made remoulade), the spicy crawfish étouffée, and what we remember as the “Galveston Crab Patty” (now simply crab cakes), served with a mixed green salad and balsamic vinaigrette. With a little bit of notice, special orders can be placed, including some items from Johnny’s original menu, such as marinated crab claws, white-chocolate bread pudding, and buttermilk pie. (One of us might also have taken home one or two frozen items from the grab-and-go menu.)