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Dining Guide

Foreign & Domestic

A crisp morning in late winter was the just-right occasion for brunch at this neighborhood restaurant. The baby-blue cinder-block walls of this little repurposed storefront seemed revolutionary when the place opened, in 2010, and chef-owner Ned Elliott’s menu was indeed ahead of its time, for Austin, with its emphasis on whole-animal butchery, seasonality, and variety meats. But now the city has caught up, and F&D has settled into a reliable and unpretentious spot for inventive food at remarkably reasonable prices (no entrée presently over $28). Everything on the menu sounded good, but we finally narrowed our Sunday repast down to two favorites. First, the avocado tartine, a beautifully composed open-faced sandwich lavished with slices of avocado and cured salmon and topped with a fried egg, braised fennel, fresh dill, and basil. The only (minor) knock was toast so hard to saw through we feared it would skid off the plate. The second was soft polenta pumped up with Gruyère (think cheese grits but so much better), toasted mushrooms, and bacon, all topped with pretty tempura onion rings.

City: Austin


Drinks: Beer & wine

Rating: ★★

Address: 306 E. 53rd, Austin, TX, 78751

Hours: D Tue–Sat. B Sun.

Phone: 512-459-1010

Website: fndaustin.com/

Last updated: March 2, 2017