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Dining Guide

Foreign & Domestic

If you had told us when this neighborhood bistro first blew onto the food scene in 2010 that Austin could support a multicourse nose-to-tail dinner service for this long, we would have said when pigs fly. Well, the pigs still have wings on North Loop, where the charming servers bring out beguiling tastes, including (for the squeamish) some that don’t involve snouts or other chewy bits. On a crisp evening we remarked on a well-marbled slice of Duroc pork that was pure porcine bliss, but amberjack filets in a vibrant green coconut curry swirl showed equal deftness with aquatic creatures. A slice of green-tomato pie, flaky crusted and decked with a scoop of bay leaf–infused ice cream with pops of coarse black pepper, was both homespun and surprising. But black pepper is put to even better use in the clouds of Gruyère-topped popovers, swiped in pepper-flecked butter, the only constant on the menu since the doors opened.

City: Austin


Drinks: Beer & wine

Price: $$

Rating: ★★

Address: 306 E. 53rd, Austin, TX, 78751

Hours: D Tue–Sat. B Sun.

Phone: 512-459-1010

Website: fndaustin.com/

Last updated: November 20, 2019