Located in the Montrose Collective, this newcomer is the latest offering from the Big Vibe Group (Flora, Gratify, Coppa Osteria). High ceilings, warm woods, and expanses of windows create a casually comfortable setting for what the restaurant bills as California fare. Our best savory moments came first and last: perfectly roasted oysters with chipotle butter, epazote, Parmesan, and a browned bread crumb topping and the Mighty Green Soup, a vegetable broth loaded with spinach, broccoli, Swiss chard, kale, cannellini beans, and tender pork sausage. Our desserts also satisfied: sweet, moist tres leches with a lightly scorched meringue topping and a fab chocolate tart, a row of chocolate squares topped with toasted pistachio crumbs and sided by a berry compote. In between, we had a nice enough pan-roasted filet of salmon with fork-tender, brilliant green broccoli and an avocado stuffed with crab, roasted corn, and ricotta salata, with taro chips for crunch.