2009: They had just run out of ribs, so I opted for hot links and brisket. The hot links had to have been from Smokey Denmark in Austin. The all-beef links were flecked with black pepper and had a decent snap to the crust. What was missing was any added smoke flavor from the pits at Hickory Stick. The beef was also missing the smokiness. Moist tender slices were covered in sauce. With little crust and no discernable smoke line, the sauce was about the only thing giving flavor to these roast beef slices. 2006: The sausage here had a chewy skin with a fleeting bologna flavor. It had just enough fat, and a good peppery flavor. The brisket had a passable crust, but the smoke was not evident. The slices were lean, creating a dry and dense brisket, but there was still some decent flavor there.