Just 40 feet from the Angelika Film Center in Mockingbird Station, this multifaceted Asian restaurant is good choice for a pre-movie meal and drinks. Japanese woodblock prints, shoji screens, and pendant lanterns create a feeling that echoes the menu’s main focus: comforting Japanese food. We started with an order of takoyaki, six croquette-like balls of chopped octopus fried in batter. Crunchy on the outside with creamy/chewy centers, this street food classic came topped with sweet-savory takoyaki sauce, squiggles of Japanese mayo, and bonito flakes. Our next choice, chicken gyoza —pan-fried dumplings —proved to be a bit soggy, with an unremarkable filling. When we learned that the kitchen had run out of the steak we wanted—shoyu garlic New York strip — we pivoted to miso-marinated hanger steak and were perfectly happy. The thin, tender slices also went well with our side—a spicy cucumber salad dressed with chile-garlic sauce. Our final choice, a bowl of spicy miso ramen,  proved comforting, with good umami flavor, tender, braised pork belly, springy noodles, and a jammy soft-cooked egg. Although sushi is not on the menu, we’re eager to return to try the sashimi. Weekday lunch specials are a good value, at 15 percent off dinner prices.