On the southern extension of Grapevine’s storybook downtown, just beyond the vintage railroad station, this comfortable, contemporary bar and grill has been a long-time favorite destination of ours for lunch and dinner. Now, brunch gives us more reasons to return, particularly for specialties like Eggs Hemingway: just-toasty-enough English muffins topped with perfectly poached eggs, thickly sliced smoked salmon, arugula leaves, and lemony hollandaise. Eggs Wall Street gild the lily, with filet mignon and lump crabmeat dressing up a commendable Benedict offering. Perhaps the most virtuous egg dish on the menu is the pretty omelet, cut open to reveal spinach, mushrooms, green onions, and Jack cheese. Favorites from other menus are also offered at brunch, including the CFS, an admirably tenderized piece of round steak, breaded, fried, and presented with smooth, peppery cream gravy and chunky breakfast potatoes. All orders come with a fresh fruit salad and pile of mini-cinnamon rolls, the latter of which pairs remarkably well with a glass of bubbly.