This Tex-Mex favorite in the Oak Lawn area has stood the test of time and continues to serve favorites that have been on the menu since 1981. We ordered our favorite shrimp tacos, which came with a side of freshly grilled vegetables, rice with peas, and a spunky vinegar-based coleslaw brightened with cilantro and jalapeños. (We did wish the kitchen had taken an extra minute to drain excess grease from the shellfish, but they were still full of flavor.) Our friend sampled another classic, Butch’s Original Brisket Tacos, accessorized with Monterey jack, grilled onions, and poblano chile strips, all covered with a creamy brisket gravy. We asked our waiter who Butch was, but the youngster didn’t know that the tacos are named for the restaurant’s dear departed founder Butch Enriquez. As for the “Mia” reference in the name, that’s co-founder Ana Enriquez, Mama Mia to her many friends.