Nonno’s is a throwback—a family-fun pizza place full of energy, goodwill, and some darn good pies. Pinball machines, video games, a gorgeous shuffleboard table by the bar, roving kids, a great retro soundtrack, Tiffany lights, and knowledgeable servers: We loved it all! The pizza is Chicago-style but not deep dish. We got a Wise Guy, with sausage, cheese, and house-made giardiniera (wonderful tart pickled vegetables). The pizza was crispy, thin-crusted, and cut into rectangles. Hot from the pizza oven, it was addictive; even eaten later at home it hadn’t lost much in transition. We’d rank the dreamy Nonno’s cacio e pepe very close to that of the famed Coltivare, and the mozzarella sticks contain the gooiest of gooey cheese; they’re perfect for dipping into the smoky tomato sauce. On the menu you’ll find other pastas, chicken piccata, and even mussels, but this is primarily a pizza place. We’ll be back to try some cocktails and finish with the elemental cheesecake, which comes on a graham cracker crust with sour cream sauce.