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Dining Guide

Nori Handroll Bar

On weekend nights, the wait to get into this hot spot can exceed an hour; put your name in, grab a drink nearby, and wait for the text alerting you your table is ready. Parting the entryway’s  noren curtain reveals the narrowest of restaurants, anchored by a long, sleek, blond bar aglow with stylish lighting. The made-to-order hand rolls are perfectly composed; the ultra-crisp nori encircles warm rice studded with seafood or vegetables. Fresh and lightly dressed, the fish is minced into a tartare; if you’re averse to that texture, get the ebi katsu (featuring a crisp-fried prawn) or the yamaimo (crunchy mountain yam). There are traditional izakaya offerings as well, like chicken karaage and sashimi, as well as an omakase tasting, for serious sushi fans.

City: Dallas


Drinks: Beer & sake

Price: $$

Rating: ★★

Address: 2814 Elm, Dallas, TX, 75226

Hours: L & D Mon–Sat.

Phone: 469-436-6674

Website: https://norihandrollbar.com/

Last updated: April 8, 2019