This brash, raucous Deep Ellum venue attracts late-night crowds of young people hungry for big New York–style pizza with a thinnish crust. While you wait in line to order, watch their pizzaiolos nonchalantly toss rounds of dough that grow in size before your eyes to Large (18”), Extra Large (24”) and Seriously Large (30”). Even the slices are gigantic, each a foot long, easily the equivalent of two ordinary slices. There’s not much else to order besides a couple of salads and a variety of drinks, alcoholic and non-, but remember, this is no trattoria: pizza is the name of the game. Order this to go: Two huge slices are enough for most normal humans. Order a whole pie only if you have a crowd to feed (or if you plan to live on leftover pizza for the next week). Pro tip: There’s no outdoor seating, so either do carryout or prepare to sit indoors amid a loud, happy crowd that isn’t much for social distancing.

Note: Review reflects COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of visit.