For a fun date night, make your way to Katy Asian Town and head for this buzzworthy space that dishes out Malaysian street food with aplomb. The decor is modern—neon, brick, bare wood, concrete—and the service is friendly. With glasses of wine, we enjoyed delicately crispy roti canai (like a puffy flatbread) with a sumptuous curry dip. Beef rendang—tender chunks of braised and stewed meat in a complex, smoky galangal curry—was downright lusty. Picking another curry was tough, but the mildly spicy laksa proved a winner, with its thin rice and egg noodles, thinly sliced chicken, grilled tofu, and plump, sweet shrimp. Impeccable stir-fried green beans arrived glistening and thoroughly speckled with bits of garlic. Generous servings ensured luscious leftovers for the next day. Kudos to the affable, community-minded chef-owner Alex Au-Yeung, a 2022 contender for the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Texas.