One of the latest in the ever-growing McGuire Moorman Lambert empire on West Sixth, this tiny tapas counter, tucked behind Howard’s Bar (another MML venue), offers a rotating selection of viticultural treasures. There are no reservations; a former driveway out front serves as a seating area and an observation deck, or you can snap up one of the stools at the counter inside. The whole space vibes like your older sister’s sophisticated friend from college. One good option is lingering over a bottle of a crisp Argentinean white while nibbling charred green beans served under a pecorino cream dusted with truffle shavings. But we found more satisfaction with the cazuelas of piquant roasted peppers stuffed with beef (evenly matched with a structured glass of Bordeaux). The kitchen cranks out caviar served with truffle-edged potato chips and grilled onion–topped hot dogs for sibling bar Howard’s, which can cause some envy, since the smell of the onions is irresistible. We quieted the pangs with crisp rings of fried calamari and sliced lemon made punchy with a zesty mince of capers and peppers.