Overflowing with small-town charm, Slowpoke incorporates ingredients sourced from the proprietor’s nearby farm and others nearby. Within a warm, rustic space framed by century-old rock walls, we sit at old wooden tables to savor a perfect plate: meat loaf made with local, organic beef, creamed potatoes, and a fresh, simple salad. Bacon in the broccoli quiche comes from pigs raised on Slowpoke Farm; local duck eggs and Veldhuizen cheeses factor in as well. The tender, toothsome house-made sourdough framing a chunky chicken salad is for sale, as is a selection of frozen fresh farm meats and coffee roasted on-site. Leave ample room for pie, as some eight or so are offered daily; co-owner Kerry Hedges’s lemon meringue, buttermilk, and sea salt-chocolate-pecan-caramel are the best we’ve tasted this year.