Sunbird’s new brick-and-mortar location—open since December 2023—is the latest and many say the greatest barbecue place on the bright Longview horizon. No longer in the trailer it had occupied since 2021, Sunbird has taken flight and landed N. High Street. On our visit, we felt honored to be sampling the debut of a new menu item, boudin sausage composed of tallow-roasted broccoli­, cheesy cheddar rice­, and smoked chicken casserole (yep, it’s all stuffed into the casing!). Bryan and Kimmy Bingham, along with their co­‑pit master and friend David Segovia, are further using their crazy-creative talents to craft such delicacies as cheeseburger sausage, tacos made with al pastor pork belly burnt ends, and mangonada-seasoned spare ribs. The sides are not just for show, either—don’t pass up the charred beans and the mac and cheese. If there is cornbread on the menu, consider it your lucky day.