From the group behind Hidden Omakase comes this slick Rice Village prix-fixe (and “prix-timed”) sushi delight. Speaking of hidden, don’t look for a sign out front. Just enter the glass doors of what appears to be an NFT art gallery. Channeling a speakeasy, the tiny sushi bar—it seats only ten guests—is through a hidden door concealed by a painting (you’ll be able to find it). Feel lucky if your perch is in front of talented and convivial head chef Jimmy Kieu. But don’t get too relaxed, because you get only thirty minutes to taste twelve exquisite bites of sushi. The freshness and variety impress, and each perfectly timed course is presented with a flavor bomb garnish; witness hamachi with pickled kumquat or kanpachi with fried garlic. À la carte options are also available—think caviar “bump.” Also, you’ll need to bring your own alcohol, for now.