Chef Leigh Hutchinson’s debut restaurant celebrates her Italian roots, culinary training in Florence, and favorite family dishes. The stamped-tin ceiling, terrazzo tile floor, and old family photos create a vintage vibe. In a cozy booth, our party shared a succession of crowd-pleasing plates. Crisp-fried squash blossoms, cloaked in a delicate batter, made a good accompaniment to drinks. Next up was an excellent offering of romano beans, which could have doubled as a side; sweet and tender, the flat string beans were cooked with cipollini onions and charred baby tomatoes, mounded on a silky cannellini bean puree, and showered with pine nuts. Besides a comforting lasagna bolognese, we enjoyed the New York Strip alla fiorentina, a 16-ounce Rosewood Ranches steak cooked medium-rare, sliced, and served with olive oil, flaky salt, and chopped herbs. Our appealing dessert—Deconstructed Cannoli—starred creamy, lightly sweetened ricotta topped with candied orange peel, chocolate nibs, and chopped pistachios; instead of the usual tubular pastry shell, the kitchen subbed pizzelle wafers,  making it easily shareable.